Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Best 3 Tumblr Alternatives

jux a tumblr alternative
Jux An Alternative to Tumblr
Tumblr is much more than simple micro blogging website, it is an expression engine for artists, musicians, painters, and creative hairdos. Unlike Twitter which is full of buzzing memes and less talk, Tumblr is one stop nation for people who appreciate and love creativity. Now with new generation of start-ups and pro-bloggers hoarding their official blogs on Tumblr much celebrated blogging platform. Tumblr is getting much attention than ever.

But due to invasion of wolf nature marketers & advertisers has made Tumblr people suffer and with that Tumblrattis are now searching for new alternatives to Tumblr. And if you are one of them, here I have few suggestion for you.

1. Jux tumbr alternative
Jux is a New York brain child, just like Tumblr. If you look at Jux, you can define it as much younger, prettier, fresh and lit bit complex version of Tumblr. Though Jux is great alternative to tumblr but it lacks some advanced features and great community feeling of tumblr. But if you are looking for some private and no crap following. Jux is the place for you.

2. is basic and raw version of Tumblr, much more like Tumblr from the past. If you are missing Tumblr old simple interface and life streaming feature, is the best place where you can find them all. You can also follow Technogram blog, if you like Technogram vague links.

3. Wordpress
Call it Tumblr effect or something else, Wordpress has really feel the Tumblr heat . And now with Wordpress new interface, you can get the feel of Tumblrverse in your Wordpress arena. But there is only one downside to it, you can't map your custom domain to WordPress for free.

So now if you have found what you are searching for, please share the experience with me.

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  1. This is very good & useful in regarding Tumblr Alternatives sits because Tumblr is very famous & very good site.

  2. Nice quick list you have here. However, allow me to point out that Jux is set to shut down by august this year; while wordpress doesn't allow custom domains; and (i'm still checking that one out, cause it's the first time I've even heard of it)

  3. Thanks MGCO for reminding me about Jux, but at that time when i posted this blog post, Jux was the popular alternative and was very much alive. It is just that it never garnered much attention.

    But i am really sure that you will find a great alternative to tumblr. :)

  4. Of course WORDPRESS does not allow custom domains since the beginning of time if you did pay attention you dummy. Well WORDPRESS has two versions. The ones with the premium hostings where you could put your own custom domain while the free ones just had to be upgraded to the pay site to get it.
    As for JUX they are closing down this August 2013. Good Bye to JUX for now. Thus this give the opportunities to wealthy individuals who would like to continue their legends. The legends who are: Tumblr, Posterous, Jux,,, who could give a FREE SERVICES to their microblogging with a FREE Custom Domain AVAILABLE for its users to reach.
    Since wealthy individuals of today are greedy pigs so they just want to get richer and smash the poor.
    Thank you for those new paying sites and let the poverty flourish if nobody is generous enough to lend their microblogging internet hand.