Tuesday, October 9, 2012

iPhone 5 or iPhone 6

iphone 6
iPhone 5 vs iPhone 6
When a great player plays, he always expected to do better than his past performances. And when he fails to repeat his past record, he start getting criticism and tips on how to play the game. This phenomenon also applies to every person, company, and everything which exist in this world. And this is now somewhat happening with Apple over its new Apple iPhone 5.

Though the Apple iPhone 5 is the most successful phone, until now and has been sold over 50 million within first week of its launch. With new iPhone 5 , for the first time Apple has come up with 4 inch screen. And to add icing on cake, new iPhone is also geared up with 4G LTE enhancement for better connectivity. There are many big and small changes that people rarely have noticed. But mediocre treatment with its OS, iOS 6, removal of some basic apps and phone's camera has made this deal sour.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Top 10 Hottest Girls on Facebook

Facebook has recently announced it has crossed the 1 billion registered user mark. But the problem with Facebook, it has not able to crack any model to channel this user base into revenue stream. But there are some celebs especially female celebs which have cracked the Facebook, and able to catch up with their fans. So looking into the brighter side of Facebook, here I have made the list of top 10 hottest female celebs on Facebook.

adele female artist on facebook
10. Adele
Adele, The Skywalk singer has emerged as one of the most celebrated people around the world. And this fact is more evident with her 34.3 million fans on Facebook, solely following her for her voice talent.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How To Add Domain To Tumblr Blog

add domain to tumblr
Add Domain To Tumblr
Adding your custom domain name to your blog, not only give the personalization but they are also easy to remember than your blog at some free subdomain name. Adding subdomain also give advantage when switching from one platform to another, insuring that you don't lose your regular visitors.

With Tumblr free domain mapping upgrade, you can make your tumblr blog more personal, more secure and more remember able. But here the problem come, how to do it. First, you need to understand it is pretty simple to map your domain on tumblr and it is not any rocket science. Here I have write down all the instruction on how to add domain to your tumblr blog.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Best 3 Tumblr Alternatives

jux a tumblr alternative
Jux An Alternative to Tumblr
Tumblr is much more than simple micro blogging website, it is an expression engine for artists, musicians, painters, and creative hairdos. Unlike Twitter which is full of buzzing memes and less talk, Tumblr is one stop nation for people who appreciate and love creativity. Now with new generation of start-ups and pro-bloggers hoarding their official blogs on Tumblr much celebrated blogging platform. Tumblr is getting much attention than ever.

But due to invasion of wolf nature marketers & advertisers has made Tumblr people suffer and with that Tumblrattis are now searching for new alternatives to Tumblr. And if you are one of them, here I have few suggestion for you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pinterest Marketing Tips for Bloggers

pinterest marketing tips for bloggers
Pinterest Marketing Tips for Bloggers
With advent rise of Pinterest has made this social image bookmarking site, a hot cake among the bloggers, internet marketers and big corporate blogging staffs. And in relation to this, search engines like Google and Bing (+Yahoo), has bombarded with extra intelligent queries related Pinterest marketing and traffic related tips. So what's now, the chance seeking bloggers has made tons of blog posts relating Pinterest marketing tips and with citing stories of people who had made it big with Pinterest, they have insured people to blindly follow these tips to insure wastage of time, money and other resources on Pinterest marketing.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Can Yahoo Make A Come Back?

can yahoo make a come back
Can Yahoo Make A Come Back
Though I am not a huge fan of Yahoo, but i really like some of Yahoo services much more than Google and Microsoft. For example Yahoo services like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Finance and Flickr which are way better than Google and Microsoft offerings. And when you give a close look into Yahoo history, you will find some of their abandoned products and offerings were not as bad too but they are really better services than some of most popular services of that time. For say Yahoo Webmaster tool, Yahoo Site Explorer which provides much more deep information to site webmaster than other webmaster tools and was much popular than any other webmaster tool. Yahoo blog directory Mybloglog, famous for its social networking features, always acknowledged of being ahead of its time.

When you look into other Yahoo products, you really will not find any problem with Yahoo. So where is the real problem with Yahoo lies, and why Yahoo is falling seriously? And the answer to all this menace, "Yahoo Top Level Management". Sorry to say, but Yahoo have one of most idiotic and less efficient top level management. And it is evident with the fall of Yahoo.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Google Authorship and Author Rank Explained

Google Authorship and Author Rank Explained
Google has silently launched a Klout like social impact measuring algorithm called Author rank. But with the announcement of Google Author Rank, Google is being bombarded with Google Author Rank and Google Authorship related queries. Likewise, what is Author Rank and what it really does. Does it have any impact on my blog and so on? So here I have drafted a post explaining about Google Authorship and Author Rank. Just hope you get it right. ;)